Target Audience

• Mass audience

• Male, Female, 18+


• Increase Brand Awareness and raise a buzz on social.

• Create Brand Imagery of Safety and Trustworthiness Attributes

Solutions and Results

• Creating a booking & seeding plan using influencers to spread out the message of the campaign.

• On the occasion of launching MV ft Binz, trigger user interested & discussed on MV, creating a stir in the community to highlight hashtag #MoMo021, #ViMoMo #Vidientuso1VN #ZeroToOne, leverage with MoMo’s 10-year journey.

• Following social trend by hosting a rap battle, collaborate with the underground artists to increase engagement, get closer to the user.

• Result: • Over 400 submissions of MoMo Rap Battle

• On Top 10 October social campaign with 51,419 buzz volumes; 36,905 BSI Scores.